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Da-Yeh University’s Library is a 6-wing building with 4 stories above the ground and one basement, and the total area is 10,406 square meters. The study area is in the basement. The information desk, reference desk, circulation desk, and administration office are located on the first floor. Periodicals, professional journals, and Chinese books can be found on the second floor. Audio-video aids and more Chinese books are on the third floor. Foreign language books and some Chinese books are stored on the fourth floor.
There are 1,100 reading seats and 454,121 holdings of books, journal, and multi-media materials. As of March 2009, the library collects 329,672 books placed on our bookshelves as an open-shelf display. The service of administration, circulation, and inquiry is fully computerized. To provide the faculty and students with various information access channels and meet their information requirements, the library has joined the Consortium on Core Electronic Resources in Taiwan ( CONCERT ) and purchased various kinds of electronic resources. Furthermore, it has signed the cooperative plan agreements with many organizations to strengthen the inter-library loan service.

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No.168, University Rd., Dacun, Changhua, Taiwan 51591, R.O.C. 
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