Building Allocations
Forth Floor
Chinese Collection Stacks(856-999.9999)
Western Collection Stacks
YingJi Collection
Third Floor
Chinese Collection Stacks(313-855.9999)
Microform Area, Audiovisual Area
Chinese Teaching Area, Study Carrels, Briefing Room
Second Floor
Chinese Collection Stacks(000-312.9999)
Reference Books, Faculty Publications
Graduation Projects
Master and PhD Theses, Periodicals, University Journals, Newspapers
Textbooks Area, Used Textbooks, Picture Books, Professional License Area
Center for Demonstration and Display of Environmental Education, Director’s Office
First Floor
Popular Books, Comics, New Books, Popular Periodicals, Exhibit Space, Archives
Information Desk, Circulation Desk, Reference Desk, Office
Study Hall, Lesser-used Books, Master and PhD Theses(non-circulating)