Apply Discussion Room
Application note
Each application is limited to 2 hours and must be used in conjunction with the opening hours of the library; if no one has made an appointment, it may be renewed once, but may not apply for a fixed period of time throughout the semester.
Three people can apply for the application above. Please list the student ID number and name of the participating students in the remarks column.
Discussion Room 1 (L308): Accommodates up to 8 people and provides wireless internet access.
Discussion Room 2 (L309): Accommodates up 8 people, provides wireless Internet access, and independent air conditioning.
Discussion Room 3 (L310): Accommodates up 12 people, provides wireless Internet access and LCD screen, independent air conditioning.
Discussion Room 4 (L311): Accommodates 12 people, provides wireless internet and flat-screen TV, independent air conditioning.
The general audit operation is 1 day. If you have any questions, please call 048511888 ext. 1531.